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President: Gill Collinge                 

083 540 2212

Secretary: Lynn Robson                        

072 309 6341

Treasurer: Debbie Phillipps                

083 396 3708


My first year as President has been one filled with highs and lows, without doubt 2020 has been the strangest and probably the most difficult on record due to the Covid19 Pandemic and subsequent lockdown since March 2020 making it impossible for us to hold our meetings, have functions or organize any fundraising. Fortunately the first half year was a very compact and busy one. A lot of commitment from all the Ann’s which allowed for us to enjoy another successful Open Gardens. We have also achieved and executed many other projects i.e.

  • Assisted Kloof Rotary Club in catering for the Andrew Young Concert. Jointly supporting Vema with their equipment, presentation at a date to be decided.

  • Assisted with Festival in the Hills on 6th September 2019. Gladly we did not have to cater for this.

  • A special focus was placed on Philakade Community Care Centre with financial donations purchasing 100 Pillows, assistance with quilts, food, medical equipment i.e. Oxygen & Nebulizer machines and various medical supply donations. It had been hoped to be able to concentrate our efforts on a children’s ward, but a sponsor was found. A total of over R40,000 worth of financial donations were made by the Ann’s and a cap was placed on further monetary funding.

  • Our fund-raising as usual has mainly been through the Open Gardens and Jumble sales which have been very successful. Weather got in the way for a few Jumble Sales but we held a fairly successful one at Fulton School on request of the staff there.

  • In addition we tried introducing handbag size year diaries. Unfortunately due to the Printers error in the compilation which meant they had to be returned, which caused some delay. Nevertheless we broke even with very little profit.

  • Checkers Gillitts allowed us to collect non-perishable items for our Christmas hampers for needy families of school going children. They were very supportive in assisting us by donating goods and vouchers.

  • A few changes to the Ann’s group were made this year. We have done away with the Sugar Spoon. Instead fellowship outings would take place. Our busy schedule only took place i.e. an Early Morning breakfast at Summerveld, and a visit to the movies.

  • The Christmas Party was held at Greenacres Retirement Village. It took the form of a Saturday luncheon. The hall was beautifully decorated. A few Ann’s had prepared the lunch and everyone was

asked to bring a Secret Santa gift. The gift was placed in a single box (all boxes the same). During the lunch each person had to choose a box of their choice which caused much hilarity. It was lots of fun, rhymes and excellent fellowship.

  • We visited Philakade with the Quilting ladies. We visited 1000 Hills Community Centre in Inchanga which was most interesting. We attended Fulton School’s annual Concert which is always a delight, treating us to a superb tea afterwards to thank all their donors.

  • On the agenda Kloof Rotary Club hope to build a library at Fulton School and our help is required. We helped sort out books received from Overseas, some French books which were donated to Kloof High School and junior books were given to Gillitts Primary School library. A few Ann’s on a weekly basis help with the library.

  • Lisa Stander the Ann’s DG, visited us on December 3 and we were delighted to have met her. The meeting took place at the Kloof Country Club. A very informative and inspirational talk was given. I was very proud to say most of the Ann’s were in attendance.

    We were delighted to win the Val Saunders Award for our efforts with schools and youth.

    Sadly the Argus Sewing School, an evening school which we have supported for many years has had to close. However, all the sewing machines which over the years have been donated by the Ann’s Club went on loan to St. Agnes Sewing School for all their students. All accessories i.e. scissors, cottons, materials, patterns etc. were also donated. The school is very well supported and they greatly appreciated our input.

    We completed the donation of Sanipads this year, but have decided for various reasons not to undertake this particular project again in the future.

    The year ended on a sad note with our major fund-raiser the Open Gardens having to be cancelled due to the Covid19 Virus.

    This year we raised R5733,50 from Jumble Sales, R53968.80 from Open Gardens and R100 + from the Year Planner Sales. Our Donations totaled R76 083.0l. We have not been utilizing the 10% that we are allowed to hold for administration fees from money raised and we shall be correcting this in future.


Before I finish off, details of what has been done throughout the year included: baking of shortbread, making of masks, knitting beanies, making blankets and a multitude of various things the Ann’s have done. Special thanks go to the Conveners and helpers for handling the various events. Debbie for keeping us on the straight and narrow path financially. My thanks go to each one of you for the wonderful support this year.

This year will no doubt be difficult as we will have to find new ways to fund raise due to Lockdown.
Last but by no means least to my fantastic Secretary for her wonderful support and encouragement for which I am most grateful. We had fun organizing the Christmas party and trust this year will be the same. Thank you so very much Lynn.

The Conveners of our various projects/events have their reports listed below for which thank you.


OPEN GARDENS REPORT FOR 2019 : Wendy Scorgie Kloof Rotary Anns Open Gardens

Our gardens were a success as usual. The weather was kind to us and we managed to raise R53 968,80 from the event.
Our experienced Anns have their own areas of responsibility which makes for a slick running event.

We were lucky to once again receive good sponsorship whether financial or in kind. Highbury Hall looked very festive with tea tables surrounded by crafters and attractive stalls outside to lure the public inside. Crafters were very happy with the event even if some use it as a platform for advertising.

We had a good selection of gardens and the garden owners were very happy and impressed with the running of the event. With having more indigenous areas in gardens on display it seems to attract a younger audience. We are definitely getting younger visitors, which is essential for the ongoing of the project.

One downside was an overzealous Municipal Worker who removed about 20 of our directional boards which are always appreciated by our visitors who find them so helpful. Municipal legislation has been passed banning such signage with the risk of a fine for those who do not comply. I used all methods available to get the signs back as these are quite pricey items but to no avail they all get dumped but they informed us that they wouldn’t fine us! Therefore future events will not have the benefit of road signage. However the location of the gardens is well covered by tickets, fliers, GPS’s co-ordinates the local press and social media.

2019 was another good year for gardens – long may they continue.
The Gardens R2000 donations went to Philakade, SPCA, Multiple Sclerosis and Highbury Bursary Fund


HAMPERS REPORT 2019 : Andrena Foster

This year I think we can expect an increase in the number of hampers requested by schools, as a result of the Covid19 epidemic.
Hampers this past year was a combined effort of all the Anns. Funds had been raised

by jumble sales throughout the year, virtually all the Anns turning up to sell, and the usual few Rotarian’s helped out as well. This fundraiser is very popular with locals, many attending all the sales. We have streamlined these sales, with price lists, plastic bags, holding onto chosen items and only handing over, in our bags, once payment was received, in an attempt to circumvent shoplifting.

The newest innovation we have brought in, was collecting food donations from the general public at Checkers. A poster was made describing what we were doing, and rosters were made up for the Ann’s duty at the trolley. Many did more than their fair share. President Gill was present at the end of every collecting, and kept a list of what had been donated, a Godsend at the end when we started packing. The Checkers manager was extremely helpful, and generous. He organized a donation of a large quantity of pasta and a voucher for R2000. We were pleasantly surprised by the

generosity of the shopping community, often finding that it was those people who looked like they couldn’t afford it, were the most generous. These cash donations were used to buy staples for the hampers, as was the voucher from Checkers.
Packing happened at Greenacres, and was very well organized. Tables were set in circles and Anns each had a station and was responsible for ensuring that their item to

be added to the bucket. One Ann checked the bucket at the end, and added anything missing. The buckets were the big expense of the hampers, and think in future we must shop around, and perhaps negotiate a better price. Have spoken to Westville and

Reservoir Hills Rotarians who have a similar project, and they have promised to add our buckets to their order straight from the factory. Their buckets are good quality and much cheaper than ours. We did each school in turn, biggest first and according to transport arrangements. There was, in my opinion, more items in each hamper than previous years, this, as a result of donations. We packed the surplus items that did not fit in the buckets, in plastic bags donated by Andrea’s husband. Some Anns who knew of needy families and we also donated hampers for them. We further had sufficient items to put together 11 bags for the neediest at Gillitts Primary, we perhaps must hold this in mind in future.

Each year, we refine our organization of this project, and it is getting almost perfect. We can only go from strength to strength. A special thanks to all the Anns for their good support.


Friendship Club – Jehanne Blades

The Club meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month (except December and January) in the Community Centre at Greenacres Retirement Village. The Anns provide tea, coffee and eats and any transport that is required. We have the use of Jennifer to help with washing up for approximately an hour.

Birthdays are remembered each month with a small gift. At the moment it is a face cloth embroidered by one of the Anns. We have been fortunate to have excellent speakers to entertain us at each meeting.
Due to the Corona19 Epidemic we were only able to meet until February 2020. Listed are the Speakers we have listened to and the others are on Standby once the Lockdown is lifted.

July : Christel Barratt on Ethiopia
August: Claire Newton – 8 Facts about PH

September: Captain Mahabeer – Personal Security

October : Deborah Bouwer – Valley of Flower, India

November: Ronel Perks – Christmas Recital Choir

February 2020 : Brian Lanz – Robben Island

The following Speakers are on Standby:
Dave Peters – Jersey Island
Lawrence Moorcroft – Illustrator for Magazines

Barry Smith – Making the Most of Your Retirement

Reg Courtney – The Circus is coming to Town Darryl Houghton – Gardens of Monet

Gordon Rechner –Plastic

This is a real community effort and I thank the Anns for all their help.

It must be added that the numbers attending Friendship Club have grown considerably and with more men attending, this no doubt to Jehanne’s excellent work in providing some wonderful speakers and topics.......and of course the scrumptious Anns food!

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