Good evening ladies and gentlemen,


I must say how proud I feel to have been elected the Rotary Club of Kloof's 40th President.  I joined Rotary in 2012 when Selwyn Comrie was President and have enjoyed five and a half years with the club.  I hope I can live up to your trust over the next year and fulfil the expectation of Rotary.  I am confident that because Kloof Rotary has a very strong leadership team and with the support of all members this should ensure a good year.


This evening I must first thank our outgoing President Peter Scorgie for all he has done over the last two years.  Of course I can't thank Peter without also thanking Wendy for her role as the Rotary Anne's president, for her leadership of the Anne's and for their presence here tonight and for all they have done in making this such as attractive setting for our dinner, Sandy Sims and Gill Collinge in particular. Gill I congratulate you on your Anns Presidency and I look forward to working with you in this New Rotary Year.


A welcome also to my family and friends on whose support I also count on in the year ahead.                                                                                                                                                                                                          



We are all aware the Kloof Rotary is only a small cog is the very large wheel of Rotary International.  The new Rotary International President is Mark Daniel Maloney who hails from Alabama in the USA and who joined Rotary in 1980. During this time he has accomplished many things one of which was a study exchange to Nigeria which has given him a taste of Africa.  He is currently a member of the Peace Centres Committee, adviser to the Foundation' Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Schools Target Challenge.


His vision is: “That we see a world where people unite to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves.” He states that as Rotarians: “We need to be organized, strategic and innovative in how we approach membership, forging wider and deeper connections to our communities and forming new club models to attract and engage more – and more diverse members.”


 Turning to our own DISTRICT 9370


Jacobb, known as Jaco, Stander from Krugersdorp is our new District Governor. Jaco joined Rotary in 2008 and has worked on the Youth committee helping to arrange short term and long term exchanges.


Jaco has an expanded interpretation for our Four Way Test which is:


 “Of the things we think say or do:

–      let's think of new creative and fun ways to grow our clubs to be vibrant and engaging

–      let's SAY (OR TELL) everyone about the great organization we have to support communities using both traditional and social media,


–      Let’s do Rotary in a new way that will inspire our Rotarians and show our friends and colleagues how Rotary Connects the World.”

He goes on to say:

–      “We need to grow our clubs to become vibrant, healthy and functioning clubs that provide an engaging membership experience to each Rotarian while growing our service impact and projects to support our local community and

–      We need to explore innovative ways to attract new members but also keep our existing members happy.”




I do not plan to go into the specific details of our goals tonight except to say that we will follow as far as possible the suggestions of Daniel Maloney and Jaco Stander. To this end we will be having a Strategic Planning meeting which will involve all our Rotarians.


This will cover, inter alia, such issues as:


–      what time, how often and where we should meet

–      projects and beneficiaries

–      training for all members

–      activities to provide fun and fellowship

–      greater involvement with our interact club

–      interaction with other local Rotary clubs

–      promotion and publicity

–      increasing our membership

–      planning the basis of our operations in terms of the goals we set,


–      Most importantly keeping our current members happy and engaged and from this will come our Strategic Plan which will be circulated to all members when complete.

Thank you,


2010 Kloof Rotary President




President Peter Scorgie’s report Rotary year July 2018 to June 2019

We set the following mix of Rotary International, District, Club and goals at the start of the year and I report as follows:

2018/19 goals

  • MAINTAIN our web site & Facebook: We have published material on our website throughout the course of the year and will continue to do so in the New Year.   Our Kloof Rotary face-book has been actively used and its postings are receiving more and more attention. My special thanks go to Ian Foster for administering the Facebook site and to Fuze Marketing and Megan Haman in particular for the web site. This company also does amazing work for our associated Festival in the Hills Website and its publicity.

  • Club Runner & Club Central

This has been maintained by Tony Robson who has also done outstanding work with the weekly Communique.

  • Host a community event in support of polio plus and register it on “end polio plus”.  We had a polio awareness stand at the Fields Centre on World Polio Day where we raised R 1 100. In a further fundraiser we raised R1 990 from our bacon roll sales at the Amashova Cycle Race.  The money raised was doubled by the club to R7 200 and then increased by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which eventually amounted to three times this figure.

  • Establish a partnership with one or more corporate or Governmental entities on a joint project and report it. We partnered with Ikusasa Le Afrika Foundation, ILAF, in the completion of two new classrooms and a science room in the second half of 2018 at the technical high school currently known as Obed Mlaba.  The hand over from ILAF to the Education Department has been delayed due to structure issues.  We, through Phila uFunde, have some R200 000 reserved for the development of further facilities at this school but this is not sufficient on its own to construct what is required for 2020 school year.  These funds will remain uncommitted until the investigation is completed.


Work to limit further storm water damage is also outstanding pending the finalisation of the above investigation.  As a last resort some of the above funds will be used to better channel storm water and prevent further damage to banks and or buildings.

  • Partner with the Rotary Foundation by sponsoring one project funded by a District grant. We supplemented the District Grant for kitchen equipment at Obed Mlaba and this was completed in this second term.

  • Collaborate with other highway clubs in at least one project (works for both clubs) This we have done with the new toilet block and revamp of the girls toilets at Gillitts Primary School. This joint project extended over both my terms in office. This was done with Hillcrest Rotary as the major party.

  • Involve interactors in a club project and or fund raiser and report it. We involved the Kloof Interact Club at our water point stand at the Amashova cycle race. This was reported in Rotary Africa and in the local press. Several “friends of Rotary” assisted at this event and a good time was had by all.  

  • Increase the clubs contribution over 2018/19 in Rands by greater than 10%. We increased our donations to Rotary Foundation and contributed to R 7100 to EREY.

  • Undertake our own historic projects yet again: i.e. Careers evening, team talk, short term exchange programme.


We held a successful Careers Evening; Thanks to Ian Foster who stepped in when Tony Tucker and Engela both were unable to lead this event at the last moment, not forget the earlier work done by Tony and Engela in setting the event up. Some R20 500 was raised for youth leadership and advancement training (2 candidates are to be sent Port Shepstone Leadership training).  The exposure Ian got lead to us making the vocational award o Yolanda Shiers for her 18 year contribution to this event.

  • Team Talk Thanks for managing and running with this once again go to Denzil Bradley and his team.  You will recall the winning Kloof High gave us their presentation during the year.  My thanks also go to Sandy for adjudicating, judging and offering sage advice.

  • Youth exchange. Two youngsters reported back on the December out-going visits.  Whilst no short-term exchange students went out in June/July 2018. We are already addressing this for the coming New Year. I acknowledge the work done by Glenys and Ian Foster in this area.

  • Youth Leadership.  Two candidates attended the leadership course and a further two are scheduled to attend in the New Year. The cost of this training is limiting the number of candidates we can send. The Argus school has a new Principal and is still functioning besides being hampered by diminishing numbers. Thanks to Glenys and her team.

  • Festival in the Hills:  Once again FITH was very successful with its theme Heroes and Super Heroes and saw a record attendance of both primary school learners and in the audience.  Some R31 000 was raised for Rotary funds.  The next FIH is already underway and this year features the KZN Youth Orchestra, Drakensberg Boys Choir and will again be compered by Darren Maule of East Coast Radio.  Selwyn is once more the master mind behind this.


Fund Raising events:

  •  Comrades Information tent organised by Ian Foster and his team raised R7 500.  A watering point for the Amashova cycle race raised R5 500 which are used to support Club activities.

  •  Our recent Project fund raiser with Andrew Young and backing group’s musical pops evening at St Agnes went off very well with just R8 300 being raised in project funds for care of the aged in local “The Hills Retirement Community”.  As there are no further opportunities in my term I use this occasion to recognise Selwyn and Paul and all who helped to make this a success and an evening enjoyed by all who attended. I must also thank the Kloof Rotary Anns for both making all the sandwiches in the first place and then so generously donating the cost of the sandwiches, R1 100 as well to this cause. This is included in the overall donation referred to above.

  • Club Services: This group headed by Selwyn have been very active over the past year:  Besides weekly Club meetings and family nights we have held a number of Braais at Iphiti, get-togethers at various members homes and had a great deal of very successful and entertaining fellowship.

    • I extend a special thanks to Niki Rose for organising speakers at our meetings.  We will have to put our thinking caps on as to how we go forward in this area as our reduced membership is not encouraging to speakers.

    • The Echo to Gretchen our Editor what can I say you have my heartfelt thanks for the way you soldier on with this formidable task.  I’d also like to thank Niki for giving Gretchen a well-earned 3 month sabbatical in the new year

    • Membership:   Our numbers briefly increased to 18 but have significantly reduced owing to members leaving the area and for financial reasons.  Reg Courtney has started his membership campaign with a promising start.  We really need this as membership is set to reduce by Yves La Fontein returning to Montreal, Terry Troughton relocating to Hermanus, Tony Tucker taking up residence in Taunton, UK and Keith Mons being forced to call it a day.    

    • Vocational Service.  We contributed R2 000 to Kloof High School towards costs for attending the Worlds Schools Melbourne Competition. We are still involved with Fulton School for the Deaf in addition the Argus School continues to enjoy our support. We made a R500 contribution to Wyebank School for one of their events.

    • A special mention must be made of the two backbone activities in the Club that of Secretary and Treasurer:  The manner in which both Tony Robson and Ian Forbes cope with the requirements of their two posts is commendable. I must single Ian Forbes out in particular for his dedication in the face of his ill health and his ability to forge head despite this.

    • Community Service:  I have split this into two parts Club and Phila Ufunde related;

      • Club activity.

        • As previously mentioned we have donated funds to The Hills Retirement Community, as well as the time of Selwyn Comrie, Ian Foster, Tony Tucker and yours truly in the management of this long running Kloof Rotary sponsored enterprise.

        • We made a contributions to District flood relief in Mozambique R5 000 and R5 000 to our own local area

        • We also made a number of smaller donations and contributions. Spectacles for St Agnes R2 000, R600 to Highway Hospice as well as donating our winnings back to them in their monthly draw.

      • Phila Ufunde covering major projects

        • We collaborated with two new external organisations - Philakade Care Centre and I.L.A.F to expand our efforts in giving health and education facilities to the seriously disadvantaged. 

          • Towards the end of the 2017/18 year we partnered with ILAF to begin site works for the new Technical High School, yet to be named, but known as “Obed Mlaba”

          • Phila Ufunde, with the local community’s help, built the new kitchen and staffroom R261K at “Obed Mlaba Technical High School” The official opening ceremony for which took place on 18th July 2018.

          • We have, through the extensive work of Don Perks, done the designs of the above buildings as well as arranged ground and aerial surveys of the site and developed long and short terms plans for this new Technical High School.

          • I must add my thanks to Phila Ufunde’s sponsors and Andru Mining in particular - but also James Dunbar and “Monty” of Dunbars Build-It for their assistance in enabling Phila to achieve the above.

          • Phila Ufunde has made significant contributions to the Philakade Care Centre and by the end of 2019 we will have contributed around R300 000 to this 100 bed facility.

  • A way forward for our Musical “Trust”

This trust, a legacy from the old Durban Pops, has just under R105 000 in funds for the assistance and development of musical talent.To date I and the Club are still to resolve a satisfactory way forward for use of these funds.As no satisfactory recipient(s) have been found in the past year these funds are carried forward into 2019/2020.

  • Friendship Exchange:  


We hosted a party of 12 Rotarians from Sweden District 2380 and surrounding Clubs and together with Isipingo Morningside enjoyed great fellowship for the days we were together and on the Tuesday evening at the Country Club.Ian Foster and I will make an Exchange visit in August 2019 to their district to with five other members of our District 9370.


My report would not be complete if I did not thank my wife and her party of Anns for all the support that they give us.


I use this opportunity to wish President Glenys Dore every success in her coming year and know that you have my support


I request the adoption of my report by those present.

Peter Scorgie    2019/06/25

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