Fulton School Water Tanks

During March and April, Kloof Rotary designed and funded the installation of two 20,000 litre rainwater tanks at Fulton School for the Deaf, at a cost of R60, 000. It is anticipated that over the long term this facility will substantially reduce water costs at the school and in addition will act as an important storage facility to ensure continuity of water supplies to the toilet blocks during periods of municipal water outages.

The two tanks were donated by a 3rd party some time ago but the school did not have the resources to install them. Kloof Rotary worked with Dialysis Water, a Kloof based company, to design a system that would supply the male and female toilet blocks using rainwater when available, but with municipal water as a back-up in case of low rainfall. The rainwater goes through a number of filtration stages before being delivered to the toilet blocks, though this is really a precaution as there is no facility to use the rainwater as drinking water, nor are there any connections to the municipal supply. The project was funded through Phila Ufunde, a Section 21 company owned and administered by Kloof Rotary which was set up to enable the Club to receive donations for community projects. Anybody who would like to make a donation to Phila Ufunde will be issued with a Section 18A certificate making the donation tax deductible, for more details contact Peter Scorgie on 0836555308.