Obed Mlaba Highschool

Obed Mlaba started as a mission project undertaken by Mr George Shau to build a technical high school in the valley of 1000 hills. His vision is concentrated on skills orientated training, rather than outcomes. He stresses that large industrial growth is taking place in the nearby Cato ridge area, which will open up employment opportunities for young persons with a skills background.

Mobile classrooms were brought to the location for the term opening in Jan 2017, however, there was a massive problem, as there were no toilets for the learners. This required crisis management, to accommodate the learners who expected to start their new term in their new school.

Fortunately the grade 8 and 9 learns could be squeezed into already crowded accommodation at the Steven Davison Primary School further down the valley while the situation was sorted outSchool management asked the parents of these learners to contribute and sufficient funds were raised to purchase blocks, sand, stone, cement and other materials to make a start permanent toilet buildings for male and female learners and their teaching staff. By the 17th January the funds raised were depleted and George appealed to the Rotary Club of Kloof for our assistance.

Tony Robson and Peter Scorgie visited the site and inspected the work that had been done and President Don was consulted. Peter visited the site last Friday the 27th and are preparing plans and materials list for completing the toilets. The project will be funded from Phila Ufunde Rotary Kloof’s section 18A company.