Festival in the Hills 2018

The month saw Kloof Rotary staging its 14th musical event that marries school choirs, orchestras and the upper highway public in an event that motivates all who attend to call for a repeat in the coming year. Little did Hunter Murphy and later Selwyn Comrie, staunch Kloof Rotarians, realise what they were starting all those years ago.

Scene from “Music in the Hills” At Makarange lodge in Kloof

This years Festival in the Hills (FITH) marks our fourth year of partnership with Curro Christian Academy. This happy collaboration arose because the threat of inclement weather at our open air venue at Makaranga and risk of substantial losses made continuing there too risky. Joining forces with Curro also gave us access to the 2500 seater City Hill auditorium which resolves the weather risk we were exposed to. We have a strong desire to create a memorable event for all who participate. Kloof Rotary Club handles the finances and provides, with its Anns, most of the man power for the concert which follows a fun filled day of final rehearsals for the concert, workshops on various aspects of the musical arts and a Grand parade. The FITH team plan, organise and make the event happen over a six month period.

Last Friday saw this venue with a near capacity crowd including 650 primary school children, from 14 primary schools and the Drakensberg Boys choir.

I quote from a response received in appreciation for this years event:

Dear Candice, Judith and the FITH Crew,

A standing ovation and round of applause!

Thank you for staging such a successful event. From organising celebrities such as Darren Maule, and musical greats such as Russel Scott and Bernard Kruger, top notch workshops, to placing sweeties in the goodybag with a muffin voucher for staff - you thought of everything. My kids are raving about it. My kids' parents are raving about it. FITH is always such an enriching experience for our learners and they returned motivated and inspired, singing on the bus on the way home and committed to choir.

The preparation is enormous and we are so grateful to have you, partnering with Kloof Rotary, to organise such an event.

Thank you for making this happen. It was slick and well-organised.

I hope you get a chance to catch your breath and rest.

Yours sincerely,

Vicky Erasmus

This encapsulates the essence of Festival in the Hills

Scenes from this year Festival in the Hills held on 24th August2018